Beauty Angel Rvt 30 Review: Expectations vs. Reality

beauty angel rvt 30
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In recent days, red light therapy has received a certain buzz. People all over the world are now keen on trying out red light therapy to receive additional mental health, physical health, and skin merits. There Are numerous companies out there who are making light therapy devices nowadays to provide certain benefits. Therefore, choosing one device is a challenge. To help you with your decision, today, we decided to review the red light therapy Beauty Angel RTV30 light therapy device. If you are keen on buying one, this review will help you determine accordingly.

Overview of The Product

The Beauty Angel RTV30 is a product from the Ergoline corporation and is said to be a total body enhancement machine system. It mimics the look of a tanning bed, but it does not feature blue light, which means, doesn’t tan your skin. This device is supposed to help your body look better and promote your skin to produce necessary proteins like elastin, collagen, etc.

The aim of this device is to prime your body in a physical way. The platform is shaped to keep your body comfortable by flexing and relaxing the muscles. With its unique shape, it tends to increase circulation in the body muscle. Although it is designed to mimic physical activity, it is surprisingly gentler on the joints. 

beauty angel rvt 30

Key Features and Dimensions

This device offers a selection of functions to the user. The primary function is to induce light therapy on the body. Additionally, it features a vibra shape platform, shorter 12-minute sessions, providing privacy with a well-designed ventilation system. It is quite gentle on the joints while providing you with an mp3-player connection. 

While closed, the device is about 55 inches in width, 55 inches in length, and 93 inches in height. When opened, the width is increased to 73 inches. It weighs almost 1055 lbs and features about 30 beauty lamps. 

Promises of The Product

The Beauty angel red light therapy products promise to penetrate your skin in different levels with varying light spectrums. Once light travels through your body, it energizes your skin to induce healing and promote the generation of various proteins to provide the best benefit for your skin. According to Beauty Angel, the light may even be able to revive the skin metabolism. When all of these benefits are combined, it can make your skin feel better, improves your complexion while soothing your skin to reduce roughness, and beauty angel results in giving you a youthful glow.

This product claims to be suitable for all types of skin and harmless. However, if the user is taking any medication that makes them sensitive to light, has high blood pressure, is going through pregnancy, or conditions like epilepsy, red light therapy may not be appropriate for them. If the user still wants to go through with it, consulting a doctor or therapist may be ideal for them.

The Actual Review Of Beauty Angel RTV 30

Till now, we have mentioned everything the parent company claims that they are. However, when we went to the real users, the experience was somewhat negative among them. Many of the users expressed that this product certainly did not work as it should have. The most prominent issue almost everyone mentioned is that the power cable and switch did not fit into the receptacle. Therefore, they either couldn’t even turn it on or damaged the cable while it was still brand new.

The majority of people complain that this product is way too expensive even if it was made of cheap materials. One user had a similar adapter that they used to power the device up. Some users expressed concerns that when they try to pull the plug to disconnect power, it feels like the black plastic of the cable will snap completely from its plastic-like body. They also felt like it would lose its functionality within a snap.

The body of the device is made of very thin material, which made many users feel uncomfortable to receive the therapy inside the device. Some said that this device made popping sounds when transferring it from a colder environment to a hot one. 

In many cases, the cord shorted out within a short period of time. Some even complained that they couldn’t even turn on the device. One user complained of not getting the optimum brightness as the device was supposed to be. The motors of the device made an unbearable sound for some users from day one.

It doesn’t provide enough warmth as well. The lights can start flickering way too soon and then will completely stop working. Many users even complained that only half the bulb has decent brightness, while the other half does not even bother to lit up.

On an additional note, the price of this device is way too high than the materials used in it. Still, this device is used in some high-end saloons and has very exclusive availability. You may even require to get an elite membership to book a session to receive the therapy from those kinds of saloons, which may not even be as effective as you thought earlier. Some people expressed that the efficiency is not as desirable as the price is.


After thoroughly reviewing, we would like to say that the Beauty Angel RVT 30 may not come with a user-friendly cable that can vex a lot of the user. It is not as long-lasting as it is supposed to be and may not even fulfill the required intensity of light as per your requirement. On the other hand, many people expressed the benefits of this product and praised the design functionality. And, this device is pretty gentle on your joints; we need to admit that.

However, there are other amazing products out there that can do the job better than this device. Many people expressed their desire to return the device after using it for a few days, and some people did love the device entirely. However, in our opinion, grabbing another device instead of it may give you much more comfort than this device provides you. 

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