Blue Light Vs. Red Light: Which One is Right for You?

Blue Light Vs Red Light
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Light therapy is one of the modern methods of receiving the benefits of light at the comfort of your home Numerous benefits can be received with the help of light therapy. However, these benefits can vary depending on the color of the light.

The two most prominent two light therapies available in the market are Blue Light Vs. Red Light therapy. As these two lights contain different wavelengths, the benefits vary significantly.

The color of the light depends upon the wavelength of the light. With the change of the wavelength, the penetration ability of the light changes as well. Therefore, it is possible to get completely different benefits depending on the color of light provided by the lightbox.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the benefit you can get from light therapy and then break down the benefits you can get from red light therapy and blue light therapy. Stay tuned if you are confused to choose which one will be better for you, as we will help you pick one out.

Benefits of Light Therapy

Blue Light Vs. Red Light

Light therapy is one of the wonderful therapies developed in modern times. The benefits of natural light are limitless. However, in today’s world, there is not enough time to expose to natural light long enough to receive the benefits. This scenario gets worse when you live in a place where the bright sun is a rare sight.

Additionally, natural light can contain harmful UV rays that can cause significant harm to your health—introducing light therapy devices that can bring the comforts of natural light available to you anywhere and anytime you like. What’s more, it is built with LED lights that are free from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Light therapy is now widely used in curing and managing mental health conditions like SAD, non-seasonal depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress relief, and much more. Various physical health conditions like muscle pain, low bone density, malignant tumors, low testosterone level have received the advantages of light therapy. Light therapy helps highly in restoring the circadian rhythm to present us with a sound physical and mental health condition.

The skincare industry, fitness industry, hair care industry, and even pet welfare industry have adopted light therapy to provide the best satisfaction to its consumers. From curing various bacteria-caused skin conditions, strengthening muscle, enhancing agility and endurance to make hair look healthy and shiny, light therapy has shown significant promises.

Previously, some of the conditions were uncurable or possessed certain health risks and have received certain advantages from light therapy. Therefore, we can mark light therapy as a revolutionary therapy of the twenty-first century.

Red Light Therapy

As the name suggests, this kind of light therapy uses red led-lights for the therapy. Red light consists of the highest wavelength among the visible light spectrum. As a result, it has the highest rate of penetration among any other visible light. Some companies also produce devices with near-infrared red light.

With a higher penetration rate, the light reaches deeper into the skin and induces healing from there. With the help of red light, the skin produces more collagen protein to improve the skin tone and texture. It also improves blood flow in the body. In a nutshell, red light therapy majorly helps with healing.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light has the lowest wavelength among all the visible light sources. Therefore, it has less penetration ability in the skin. Blue light is often used to eliminate bacteria from the skin. While some bacteria are useful for the skin, they can promote oil production and other blemish-causing conditions. In such cases, blue light can highly help in resolving these conditions.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has numerous benefits on different body parts. Nowadays, there are a handful of collections of red light therapy devices available. Furthermore, many therapy centers provide red light therapy with the help of professionals. Let’s discuss the benefits of red light therapy according to the area it provides:

Mental Health

Red light therapy has proved highly effective in improving mental health conditions. When the red light is administered during the evening, it helps increase the secretion of melatonin, resulting in better sleep at night. With better sleep at night, cognition is improved significantly. Additionally, red light helps in restoring the biological clock in the body. Thereby, overall mental wellbeing is improved remarkably.

Physical Health

Having the highest penetration ability than any other light, red light can reach deeper into the skin. Then, it helps the cells produce proteins like elastin and collagen. These proteins highly help in healing wounds. Additionally, red light has helped in hair growth, and short-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, Slow-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers can be highly simulated with red light therapy. Psoriasis lesions can be reduced with light therapy as well.

Skin Care

Red light therapy mainly heals and repairs the skin from damage. With the increase of protein production increased in the skin by light therapy, the aging signs and dark spots are reduced highly. When your skin is suffering from conditions like acne or rosacea, red light can successfully induce healing and remove the spots from the skin.


The fitness industry has successfully adopted red light therapy to provide the highest benefit to consumers. Red light has proved to provide benefit in providing additional strength and endurance, and agility in athletes. Additionally, it can be substantially helpful during warming up and reduce muscle pain and injuries. One simply needs to expose oneself to red light before the exercise session to gain all those excellent benefits.

Hair Care

Red light therapy is known to have the ability to stimulate hair growth. It also reduces hair fall both in men and women. This technology penetrates the hair at a lower temperature and prevents it from drying from the inside.

Pet Benefits

Your pet’s life can be highly benefited with the help of red light. It will ensure good health for them while preserving their far outer end for a graceful appearance. Your older pets can gain a longer and healthier life with the help of red light therapy.

Benefits of Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy consists of significant benefits as well as red light therapy. Previously tanning salons and medical sectors only used blue light with the help of professionals. It is because blue light can easily consist of UV rays. With the invention of blue LED lights, it has become possible to avoid including UV-rays in blue light. That being the case, now there are numerous blue light therapy devices that you can purchase for receiving the advantages conveniently at your home. The most significant merits of blue lights are:

Blue Light Vs. Red Light

Mental Health

Various studies have shown that blue light can improve depression symptoms in patients. It blocks the melatonin hormone from producing, as a result, helps the body to stay awake. It tricks the body to think it’s daytime and helps to boost attention, reaction time, and cheers mood. Additionally, it helps in producing serotonin that affects appetite, temperature regulation, and some social behavior.

Physical Health

With the help of blue light, alertness in a person can get a significant boost. Blue light can wadge in regulating circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. It is very helpful in eye and vision development. Blue light is often used to reduce the size of a tumor before operating.

Skin Care

Blue LED lights are often used to treat bacteria-caused skin conditions. Blue light increases activity in the bacteria cells and destroys them. Therefore conditions like acne, rosacea can be managed effectively. Blue light also helps in regulating oil in hair and face. With the help of blue light, wrinkles can be reduced, and scarring can be faded effectively. Correcting uneven pigmentation is also a great benefit of blue light.


As blue light induces serotonin production, the mood can be elevated highly. The elevated mood helps in working harder in the gym and gaining additional benefits for the body. It will help a person to gain fitness within a short time.

Pet Benefits

Blue light has a calming effect on your pet. However, you need high-grade blue LED lights to achieve these benefits.

Mixed Therapy: 

Many devices presently consist of both red and blue LED lights for the highest benefit. While red light consists of healing abilities, blue light can destroy harmful bacterias for the highest benefit. Many of the skincare benefits work much better when both the lights are applied simultaneously. Additionally, wound healing and skin conditions caused by inflammation receive the highest benefit when both the light is applied.

How Often You Should Use Light Therapy

Light therapy devices are pretty simple to use, and the guideline is often similar for red and blue therapy devices. However, safety goggles are recommended to use when using a blue light device. At first, try using a therapy device once a day for 45-60 days. After that, you can either continue using the device daily or reduce it to two or three times a week. Everyone’s skin is different, and light therapy can work differently. Take pictures to monitor your progress. Consult your therapist if you feel any discomfort.

Blue Light Vs. Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light works in healing the damaged area, while blue light works to destroy bacteria. Red light induces healing from the deepest part of the body, while blue light prevents the upper layer of the skin from further harm. So, when you are choosing your device, be aware of what your problems are and where the improvements are required. Both red and blue light have significant benefits, and you need to know which is most suitable for you. Your therapist can help you with choosing the devices, or you can choose a device with both kinds of light.


With a view to the above discussion, we can see that both red light and blue light therapy have significant benefits for us. However, they work very differently and have a very different set of benefits.

However, blue light can sometimes cause a burning sensation as it has the ability to destroy cells. On the other hand, red and near-infrared light is completely safe and possesses more benefits than blue light.

So if you are inclined to buy only one light therapy device, consider buying a red light therapy device. It will provide more benefits with less chance of harm.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which one has the longer wavelength, red light or blue light?

Ans: Red light has longer wavelength and that’s around 700 nm. On the other hand, blue light has produced only 400 nm wavelength, which is the lowest among all therapy lights.

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