Celluma Light Therapy Review 2021

Celluma Light Therapy Review
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LED light therapy has been one of the best remedies for many people. Initially, these light therapy devices were designed to help people with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and various depression-related conditions.

As these LED light therapy devices got more developed, far more uses were discovered. It has been found that light therapy can also deal with sleeping disorders like insomnia, skincare and skin treatments, regaining muscle mass, and many more.

In short, you can say that light therapy has been benefiting people for quite a long time. This doesn’t mean that all light therapy devices will ace in doing your desired treatments. Many devices in the market might not be worth buying as their performance with cost might not be worth it.

Through this celluma light therapy review article, I’ll share my experience with Celluma light therapy, and I’ll also give my opinions on its performance. So, read till the end to know the ultimate truth about this device.

Celluma Reviews: Does Celluma Work?

I have been using light therapy devices for quite a long time due to my sleeping disruptions and wrinkle issues. This means I had gone through quite a few light therapy devices. 

A Celluma Light Therapy device has been one of them. Before buying this device, I took my therapies in a clinic, but then I got to know that you can take these therapies at home as well. Therefore, I surfed online to get a better understanding of these devices. After searching a lot of various websites, I got to know about Celluma Light Therapy. I did not know of this device before, so I purchased it because it seemed worth buying from seeing the looks and price. Later on, when I started using this device, I didn’t experience any drastic changes in my face.

At first, it seemed as if it was working, but it completely stopped working after a time. I was consistent with the use of this device, not missing out on a single day of therapy. And I also maintained a proper starting and ending time so that it becomes more effective. But nothing seemed to happen in the end. Although it benefitted me with my sleeping disorders and disruptions, it didn’t make a difference with my wrinkles. 

At first, I thought it was due to my skin, for which it was taking time to show improvements. Therefore, I got one for my wife to cross-check, and the results remained the same. According to her, the device didn’t show any drastic changes regarding the wrinkles issues. And even I noticed that the skin linings on her face kind of remained the same. 

Then I called up the provider and told him the problem. The provider then advised me to replace the device with a new one, and I agreed. After replacing the device with the new one, I thought it’ll show some noticeable changes, but I was wrong!! 

The results remained the same. Then I stopped using the device and got myself a new brand for the job. 

In summary:

  • Celluma products are way too costly, and it doesn’t provide you with all the benefits. The price is way too much compared to other devices, and it doesn’t suit all types of skin.
  • Even if you are very regular with your therapies, the changes will still be slow. You’ll notice, at one point, that the changes stop.
  • It is not suitable for treating acne issues. This device might not have the feature presentation which can treat your acne. Therefore, if you are buying this device to treat your acne, it’ll be the wrong choice.
  • The only benefit you’ll get is that the therapy is painless and will not cause you any side effects. 

But honestly, most of the light therapy devices are painless, and it doesn’t cause that much pain. So it’s not something new!!

In short, I will suggest that according to the worth of this device, it doesn’t give that much of a benefit. It’s not at all suitable for treating skin-related issues!!

A Better Device In My Opinion

After the setback, I became more careful in choosing the correct device for my skin because I don’t want such a device to take a lot of money but won’t provide the desired results. Later on, I kept surfing the internet to grab a piece of knowledge about the best light therapy device for my skin condition. And finally, I got to know about Platinum light therapy devices. 

These devices are just one of the best you can have for any problems you might face.

When I first saw the reviews, I got a good impression of this device. People have been stating how they have benefited. And for cross-checking, I contacted a friend of mine who has been suffering from acne issues for quite a long time. 

Biomax 300 platinum led

He told me that Biomax 300 from Platinum Therapy Lights is one of the best therapy devices in the market. It is not only for skincare, but it can also help you develop your muscle mass and many more.

After knowing all the ins and outs of this device, I ordered it and started using it. To my surprise, it was the complete opposite of Celluma LED light therapy. After a few weeks of regular use, I began to observe drastic changes in my skin.

I also observed my muscle mass seemed to have increased as well. 

I was delighted with the results of this device. That’s why I also bought another for my wife; at first, she refused to take the therapy because she was not sure whether it’d work or not. But after seeing my results, she agreed. Later on, after regular use for a couple of weeks, even she saw drastic changes in her skin, and she also stated that it was far more comfortable to use than Celluma LED light therapy.

In conclusion, Platinum light therapy is affordable and more beneficial than  Celluma light therapy. It can also treat various other conditions in which Celluma was incapable of treating.

Tips You Can Use To Buy Your Best Light Therapy Device

If you are a first-timer and thinking of purchasing a light therapy device, this section will benefit you a lot. As I have suffered while choosing the best light therapy device for myself, even after reading tons of celluma led light therapy reviews, thus I know how confusing it can be to select the right one that suits your needs. 

Therefore, follow the following tips if you want to grab the best device for yourself and avoid the mistakes that I made:

1. Consult Your Doctor Before Getting A Light Therapy

There are many conditions that you don’t even know why they are occurring. Just because your symptoms might match with a particular condition doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have that condition.

For instance, if you have sleeping problems, don’t just think that it’s insomnia or anything else. So, you must always go for a thorough check-up before grabbing a therapy device. Moreover, you should always ask for the doctor’s advice on these issues before taking a device, as your doctor knows the best solution for your condition, and he’ll suggest a far better therapy device that’ll suit your condition.

Two gentlemen looking at a paper.

2. Always Look For A Lamp That Specifically Suits Your Condition

Don’t go initially for devices that state that it’ll cure all the problems!!

Instead, always give priority to those devices that effectively cure the condition that you are suffering from. That’s because it’s of no use if you get a device with all the benefits of curing a condition, but it can’t cure your specific condition. 

There are various kinds of therapy devices in the market, and each performs a different role in curing a condition. That’s why it’s necessary to know all the ins and outs of the device before purchasing it. In these cases, your doctor is the best advisor for you, as they know everything regarding your condition.

3. Buy The Device That is Clinically Tested

If you are going to buy your device online, always make sure that you check the reviews of the device first!!

Many devices are not clinically tested and can indeed be a problem later on. Moreover, always go through the details of the product that you are willing to buy. Read all the pieces of information that are written on the page of the product. 

If you are going to buy from the market, then ask the provider about the details of the product and check whether or not the product is clinically tested. 

Never purchase a device that doesn’t provide any guarantee or, in other words, clinical testing!!

4. Different Colors of The Light Suits A Different Purpose

You’ll see that there are various kinds of colored lights present in the market. 

All those colors suit a different purpose. For example, if you are looking for a device that will cure your depression-related issues, you should never choose a blue light therapy for this condition. 

Similarly, if you are looking for a device that can increase your muscles’ mass, you should always go for red light therapy. This light can penetrate to your skin and into your muscles, regulating the flow of blood. 

Therefore, all different lights have another purpose, and you should know which color suits your condition. 

5. Always Grab A Lamp That Emits 10,000 Lux To Cure SAD

If you are suffering from SAD, you should always get a device that emits 10,000 lux. If you buy below that, you are investing your money in something that will not give you any results. In many cases, it has been found, devices that emit less than 10,000 lux are incapable of curing this depression. 

To give you a better idea of what lux is, think like this. Your room has an average of 500 lux during daylight hours. But an average clear sunny day will provide you with 10,000 lux. 

This is the reason why you’ll be needing a device that can give you an artificial clear sunny day at your home. For this to happen, you’ll be needing a therapy device that can at least emit 10,000 lux.

6. The Size of The Therapy Box Matters

If you want to use your therapy device while sitting on your laptop or desktop, then a small-sized device that can stand on your table will do the work for you. But remember this, the bigger the size of the therapy box, the more light it’ll emit and the faster you’ll be cured of your condition. 

One of the significant problems you’ll face with small therapy devices is that if you even move slightly away from the device, there are chances that the light might not reach your vital points and delay your cure.

In short, if you want the therapy to be more effective, then you should always grab a device that’s big enough so that the light can penetrate through your skin effectively. 

7. Make Sure To Set A Fixed Routine And Have The Flexibility To Use

After you have grabbed your desired device, it’s better to ask your doctor about the time at which you can take the therapy. Moreover, be consistent with the time of use. If you like to take the therapy early in the morning, then have a fixed time for the treatment. 

You should get a therapy device that can very easily fit your dining table so that you can take the therapy while having your breakfast. Similarly, if you are exercising or running on your treadmill, make sure that you have a place where you can place your light therapy box and continue with your exercise.

In short, have the flexibility of using your light therapy; by doing this, the therapy will become a regular habit of yours. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are Celluma Devices FDA approved?

Ans: Yes, Celluma Light therapy devices are FDA approved to treat inflammation of acne and visible signs of aging on your face especially around the eyes.

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