Mito Red Light Review: Full-Body LED Light Therapy

Mito Red Light Review
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In the world of therapies, light therapy has brought an unprecedented revolution. It provides so many benefits both mentally and physically. All these benefits have made light therapy really popular among people. Even though light therapy technology has been around for quite some time, it has become known to people very recently with the huge development it has undergone in the past few years. Light therapy devices have become very much convenient for people to use at home, and a user can get so many benefits from just one device.

There are some renowned brands in this industry that should be thanked for their contribution to this rise in light therapy techniques such as Platinum Therapy Lights, Mito Red Lights, Joov, Revive, Verilux, Celluma, Carex, Northern Light, etc. But this article sheds lights on Mito Red Light Review, and see what they offer, and what they do not. We will also see if it is worth buying Mito Red Light cheap devices or not. 

Mito Red Lights Overview

Mito Red Light Review

Mito Red Lights has a very strong presence in the light therapy industry. Their devices are one of the popular ones in the market, and one of the top-rated ones too. They mainly sell red light therapy devices, but it works just fine for them as red light is the most demanded type among all the types. Most benefits you will hear of light therapy are provided by red light therapy, such as skin problems, pains and injuries, sleeping problems, muscle recovery, and building, etc. So, most people go for red light therapy devices anyway. 

Mitro Red Lights boasts of their devices being powerful, affordable, and effective. They talk about the strength of their devices a lot, and if you want to inquire about their devices, you will notice that all the devices are said to emit really strong light. And the strength of light is really important in red light therapy, as these devices try to mimic sunlight for the users, and try to generate the same type of hormones and reactions in the body that sunlight can do. 

Mito red lights devices are also well within budget, so they are affordable options. However, affordable doesn’t always mean good. So, they also vouch for their effectiveness. They guarantee the power of passing professional diagnostic tests. And to back their claim, the FDA has approved their devices as FDA Class II Medical Devices. However, keep in mind that FDA approval doesn’t prove their effectiveness or the strength of their devices. It just means they are safe to use. And most light therapy devices are safe to use anyway, due to light therapy technology being one of the safest options for therapy.

Mito Red Lights Devices

Mito Red Lights have released red light therapy devices dividing into four different series. These series are Mito RED Original Series, Mito Portable Devices, Mito MOD Series, and Mito PRO Series. Let’s have a brief look at these series.

Mito RED Original

Mito Red Light Review

Mito RED Original series claim to provide high strength and value for money. They are one-panel light therapy devices and provide a compact size for targeted treatments. 

Mito MOD Series

Mito Red Light Review

This series has the same strength and performance as the Mito RED original. But you will have the flexibility to add more panels with these devices to build a bigger panel over time.

MitoPRO Series

Mito Red Light Review

Mito professional series are said to add additional wavelengths of light to deliver increased light energy at the part of the spectra, which maximizes cytochrome c oxidase activation. Plus you get the modular design so that you can start small and build a bigger unit over time.

Mito Portable Devices

Mito Red Light Review

Mito has recently launched their new portable series, in which the devices are way smaller in size, and you can carry them anywhere. Even though they cost less, however, it might heavily compromise the effectiveness and the strength of these devices.

Advantages of Mito Red Lights Devices

Red Light Therapy Products | Red Light Therapy Exposed

Let’s look at some Mito red light benefits that can help you decide to buy Mito light therapy devices.


Even though Mito has red light devices, you can also get the benefits of near-infrared lights from these devices.

60 Day No-Risk Trial

You can get a full refund if you return the product within 60 days for not being happy with the result.

Personal Customer Service

They offer good personal customer services that can help you to properly operate the devices and get desired results. You can get any type of help you need.

0% Financing Available

Getting the results you want now without delay is important, so Mito Red Lights extend a 0% financing option you’ll find right in the checkout.

Treatment Options

Like most other red light devices, Mito devices offer many different treatment options such as muscle recovery, joint pain, sleeping problems, skin problems, etc.

Disadvantages of Mito Red Lights Devices

In this segment, we will see why these devices are not as good as Mito Red Lights claim to be. There are some faults in those devices that might hold you a bit back to buy the devices. Let’s have a look at them.

Irradiance of Light

Well, this should’ve gone into the advantages section, but according to many users and experts, they don’t provide as much strength as they claim to be. Instead, they provide significantly lower strength of light, which can actually lead to getting results that are way below your expectations.

Not Focusing On Mental Health

One of the popular advantages of red light therapy devices is that they can help users with different mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, SAD, etc. In fact, many people get red light therapy devices just for their benefits regarding mental health. But Mito devices totally ignore the mental health part and focus more on the physical problems such as pains, muscle recovery, etc. 

Sketchy Warranty 

Even though Mito Red Lights claim to provide a 3-years warranty for all their devices, you will see that they don’t provide the same amount of warranty for all of their devices. You just need to look into the warranty section for each device, and you’ll find the anomaly. For instance, portable devices only get a 1-year warranty according to their website. But it was supposed to be 3 years as per the brand’s claim.

Final Words

What kind of device you will get and from which brand, is totally up to you. The choice will be based on your preference and needs. However, make sure to take all the mentioned things into consideration in this mitored review before going for Mito Red Lights products, otherwise, you might not get what you expected. Also, there are many other prominent brands in the market, you can easily go find devices of your preferences from those. You can get them from Mito too if they match your preferences.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are Mito red lights third-party tested and validated?

Ans: Yes, Mito red lights are third-party tested and validated by Colorado-based independent testing laboratories.

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