Mito Red Light Therapy Scam: What Are They Lying About?

mito red light therapy
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When it comes to the bright light therapy industry, there are some brands that stand out more than others such as Beurer, Northern Light, Mito Red Light Therapy, Platinum Therapy Lights, Carex, Celluma, Joov, Verilux, etc. All of them boast of providing the best light therapy devices available in the market. And in recent times, light therapy, especially red light therapy has become really popular among people for its numerous benefits, in fact, light therapy has become revolutionary in the world of therapies. And these brands have played a huge role in this from their respective places. 

However, are all of these brands exactly what they claim to be? Do all of them provide quality light therapy devices the way they market themselves? These brands are trusted by a huge number of customers but do these brands operate well enough to maintain their trust? As we speak, not all of these brands do that.

There are some that sell products not as good as they claim to be. Not only that, they are being sketchy while selling those devices too. One such brand is Mito Red Lights. Here we will discuss the scams Mito Red Lights is conducting, things that they are lying about. If you are a customer of Mito Red Lights and bought light therapy devices from them before, you will probably be able to relate to this. 

But before knowing about what wrong things they have done, let’s know about the brand first. If you are a new user of light therapy devices, this might help you to know about them. Let’s have a brief overview of them before diving into how they are scamming their customers.

Overview of Mito Red Lights

As said earlier, Mito Red Lights has a very strong presence in the industry. Their devices are among the most popular ones in the market, and among the top-rated ones too. They sell red light therapy devices mainly, but as red light is the most demanded one among all types, it works just fine for them. Most people go for red light therapy devices anyway, since most mito red light benefits you will hear of light therapy are provided by red light therapy, such as helping you with muscle building and recovery, different pains and injuries, sleeping problems, skin problems, etc.

Mitro Red Lights boasts of their devices being powerful, affordable, and effective. They talk about the strength of their devices a lot, and if you make inquiries about their devices, you will see all their devices are said to emit really strong light. And you should know that the strength of light is really important in red light therapy, as these devices try to mimic sunlight by using red light for the users. The main goal is to try and generate the same type of hormones and reactions in the body that sunlight can do. 

Mito red lights devices are affordable, as the prices are well within budget. However, affordable doesn’t always mean good. So, they vouch for their effectiveness too. They guarantee the power of passing professional diagnostic tests. And the FDA has approved their devices as FDA Class II Medical Devices to back their claim. But keep in mind that FDA approval doesn’t prove the strength of their devices or effectiveness. It just means they are safe to use, but most light therapy devices are safe to use anyway, as light therapy technology is one of the safest options for therapy.

Mito Red Lights have released red light therapy devices dividing into four different series. These series are Mito RED Original Series, Mito Portable Devices, Mito MOD Series, and Mito PRO Series.

The Scams Of Mito Red Lights

Now let’s look at the ways Mito Red Lights is scamming their customers. Let’s look at the way they are being sub-par compared to their competitors in the industry despite claiming to be one of the best.

Irradiance and strength of Light

If you are a user of Mito Red Light Therapy devices, you might have felt that the light isn’t as strong as it is claimed to be. The strength of light is really important in red light therapy, and the results hugely matter based on that. But Mito Red Lights aren’t providing the same strength as they said. Especially in the Mito Pro 1500 device, which is one of their most popular and most bought ones, it can be shown explicitly.

The device is said to provide a certain strength of light by using 5-watt chips in the light, but after dissecting the device, you will see that cheap 3-watt chips have been used in that light. Which makes the device way weaker, and cheaper too. So, the customers are getting a lot less than they paid, and getting brutally scammed.

mito red light therapy

Sketchy Warranty 

Even though Mito Red Lights claim to provide a certain amount of warranty for their devices which is up to 3 years, at times their policy page on the websites says otherwise about the warranty of each product. This will make you confused about the actual time of the warranty, and you might just get scammed while you want to redeem the warranty after years of buying it. They might not provide the full warranty after all, by showing you the loopholes they created in their website. 


The design of the Mito Red Lights devices is not unique either, they mostly take the designs of their competitors’ devices and then use that in their own devices. And they are not providing the customers with anything new with an act like that.

Final Words

So, this is how Mito Red Lights is lying to their customers about their products and scamming them big time. SO, if you have been using their products, you can try changing your brand. And if you are a new user of light therapy devices, look for your preferred devices in other brands.

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