Tanda Light Therapy Review: Expectation Vs. Reality

tanda light therapy review
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Any evolutionary biologist will indeed tell you that humans just love light. From the spotlight on that window seat to that sunny spot on a beautiful beach, we seek light wherever we go. 

Then as science evolved, we got to know the various benefits of light. And one of those advantages is bright light therapy.  

Light therapy has been a great advantage to many people. Moreover, it has also helped people with various conditions like depression, stress, insomnia, and many more. 

Therefore, I’ll tell you about a light therapy device called Tanda Light Therapy in this article. And you’ll get to know all the necessary details of whether this device is a good choice or not!

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED phototherapy or light therapy has been used in dermatologists’ offices for nearly a decade now. In this procedure, targeted rays of light, developed at specific nanometer wavelengths, are directly aimed at your skin lesions. 

Different levels of absorption and penetration through the skin are achieved with varying wavelengths of light. 

Through various deep research and development, it has been found that rays of 633 nm (red) are best for acne, while shorter, higher energy rays of 414 nm (blue) reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

While LED light therapy and lasers are both prevalent non-ablative skin treatment methods, only the LED light therapy has been extensively developed for use in your home. 

The reason is LED phototherapy repairs sun damage and gradually increases collagen and elastin production with fewer side effects than lasers. 

In fact, usually, lasers are contraindicated in many patients with darker skin tones due to irregularities in scarring and pigmentation; LED phototherapy is generally considered safe in such patients.

Does Tanda Light Therapy Actually Work Against Your Acne?

Usually, all the high-quality therapy devices should be able to treat your acne. Although, cystic acne might not be cured by light therapy. 

In this case, you should undergo a diagnosis by a dermatologist, as he might be able to give you a better cure. 

But what about Tanda Light Therapy? Can it do the trick for you?

-Honestly, Tanda Light Therapy is not at all a suitable device for any type of acne treatment because it’s unable to serve the purpose. 

There have been many complaints regarding the service of this therapy device. Customers even have gone through this treatment for weeks to see better results, but there weren’t any drastic or noticeable changes.

Even many customers replaced the device with a new one, but the results remained the same. 

According to the real users, Tanda LED Light Therapy might not be the best option to take.

What About Wrinkles And Aging?

Usually, a suitable quality therapy device that emits around 414 nm of blue light will be able to start curing your wrinkles and fine lines.

But unfortunately, Tanda red light therapy for wrinkles and aging is not even suitable. As it actually doesn’t reach the standards of curing your wrinkles and acne.

According to many users, initially, when they start using this device, they apparently think that the device is showing results. But as time passes, the signs of cure decrease. And then there’s a time when it actually stops showing any type of progress. 

Many users have been complaining about this issue, and they think it’s not a capable device to cure their wrinkles and acne.

All these continuous complaints and negative reviews make the users think of Tanda Light Therapy as a complete scam. 

Tanda Light Therapy Review: My Thoughts  

Honestly, I have gone through quite a few light therapy devices as I have been facing my acne and wrinkles issues. 

But my experience with Tanda Light Therapy has not been up to the mark. To be honest, at first, I thought there was something seriously wrong with my face, or the acne I had might need more advanced treatment. 

Therefore, I went to a dermatologist to see whether there were any severe issues with my face. But according to him, there were no severe issues, and it was definitely curable. 

Later on, I told him about the device I have been using lately, and he just told me to change the therapy device. 

Then by his advice, I took Platinum Light Therapy, and to my surprise, I started to notice changes in my acne issues. 

And after consistent and regular use of this therapy device, I actually got rid of most of my acne. And not only that, but I also saw drastic changes with my wrinkle linings. 

To be honest with you, I have never used such an authentic and excellent device. It just worked like magic, and I just loved it!

How do at-home Devices Compare to Dermatologists’?

Unfortunately, at-home devices are not as strong and powerful as those in dermatologists’ offices. According to Dr. Neil Schultz, dermatologists’ LED machines contain about 800 LEDs. 

On the other hand, devices designed for use at home only contain a few dozen of these LEDs, which are also less powerful than those in the dermatologists’. 

But still, there are a few high-quality devices that you can use to get drastic results for your problem. 

But remember, there are various purposes of light therapy. So, you must know your problem first before you start using one. 

In my opinion, you should always go for a thorough checkup from your dermatologist before you purchase a light therapy device, as there might be chances that you might not even need a therapy device. 

And most importantly, your dermatologist will give you the best device for your case.

I hope this article, we covered the Tanda light therapy review will help you know all the ins and outs.

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